Wednesday, June 30, 2010

healthy lifestyle with a sound spiritual walk

Starting today this site will provides you with complete blessing in enriching a healthy lifestyle balanced with a sound spiritual walk. I invite you to come and learn everything you can. If you have a question, chances are someone else asked the same thing at one time or another.

The message boards are a great place for that. The search engines within the message boards are very helpful. If you don’t have a question, but a concern about your own health, chances are you’ll find people just like yourself.

-Kean"every moves are counted, every attacks are calculated, every skills are mastered."

Friday, June 25, 2010

Blog makeover

Friends and Visitors, I am on the process of make over, for your convenience. I am truly grateful for the support each of you has extended to my blogsite that resulted to more viewer who visited and linked to my site.

Please bear with me as I adjust and modify my template, topics that will surely suits your interest.

-Kean"every moves are counted, every attacks are calculated, every skills are mastered."

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day Priceless Gift Ideas

The idea of celebrating Father's Day is to make fathers feel special, loved and cared for. Sure you can gift him a wonderful present - a tie, a shirt or fancy gadgets and he is going to appreciate the gesture. But today things have become so much commercialized that gifts sometimes sound and look a mere formality. Now this is not the reason we celebrate Father's Day - just to present a gift and say a formal Happy Father's Day.

If you really love Daddy why not express it in the right way. This Father's Day make it a point to spend quality time with daddy and make him feel that it is his special day. Here are some interesting gift ideas rather Priceless Gift Ideas as these costs nothing in monetary terms but are valuable when you think in terms of their sentimental worth for both you and daddy. These will help you to come closer to your daddy and strengthen the affectionate bond between both of you.

Spend a Day with Daddy
You must be having a busy work schedule managing whole lot of studies or pending office jobs or having occupied yourself in other social engagements but remind yourself that this is Father's Day. It means that you are supposed to spend quality time with dad. Share thoughts with daddy listen to his words of wisdom and note them in your diary. They will always come in handy.

Prepare a Special Father's Day Meal
There is no better way especially for daughters to please dad than to cook him a sumptuous Father's Day meal. A better idea would be to make an extra effort and cook daddy's favorite dishes. This way you can grant mommy some time away from kitchen so that she can give a relaxed company to daddy.

Write a Letter
If you are staying away from daddy and for some reason cannot meet him in person write a letter to him. Sending cards is fine but they lack personal touch which comes in a letter. Also have an extended chat on phone and share happy memories. You can call up twice or may be more to compensate for your physical absence and to make Daddy not feel alone

-Kean"every moves are counted, every attacks are calculated, every skills are mastered."