Sunday, February 28, 2010

Laptop gadgets

There are so many accessories and gadgets you can use on your laptop. These accessories are usually not included in your laptop while some are built-in. You can capture pictures and video using a Web cam, which you could store and view in you laptop. You can make voice recordings with a microphone or make phone calls. There are microphones that are separate and there are those attached to headsets.

Another laptop accessory is a speaker which allows you to increase the volume of your audio output as some built-in laptop speakers have very limited volume range. A useful accessory for you laptop which almost all people buy is a mouse. Although a laptop may have a built-in tracker ball or mouse touch screen, this can be inconvenient to use. These are the commonly used gadgets for your laptop. There are more sophisticated accessories sold in the market to perform certain functions of your laptop as well as to access its features.

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