Monday, July 5, 2010

Healthy attitude

Did you know that the more we exercise, the more we want to exercise? And the less we eat, the less we want to eat? These are proven facts. This principle is okay in moderation, but a person with an eating disorder or someone with compulsive, obsessive behavior usually goes overboard.

The key is balance. Exercise and diet are only a part of our life. When your eating is normalized, then changes can be made-moderately. Routine regular exercise is good, but the motive should be to build not to punish. A healthy attitude is the most important factor in developing a healthy body.

With a balanced attitude, we can develop good habits and maintain self-control. Destruction occurs when compulsion and obsession are behind our actions. Be a wise woman/man and keep everything in perspective. After all, there is a "judgement to come!"

-Kean"every moves are counted, every attacks are calculated, every skills are mastered."