Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This watch not only looks fantastic, but serves a great purpose which really should have been invented before now. But alas, it is now available.

The stress watch is aimed at busy people, with hectic lives, as it monitors stress levels throughout the day, and indicates your levels via a black bar graph on the screen. The blues and greens indicate a mellow mood, compared to pinks, reds, and oranges which indicate a stressed out individual.

Thankfully, the watch also tells the time (as you may expect), so you will never miss an appointment or meeting, though these meetings may cause your stress levels to soar. Once the stress levels hit a peak, you can take a rest and watch as your levels (hopefully) begin to drop.

The device is currently only a prototype, but one which many, many people would like to see come into production.

"every moves are counted, every attacks are calculated, every skills are mastered."