Sunday, January 31, 2010

Book lover's cave

Nowadays the significance of book reading slightly decreased because there is a great amount of different sources of information. Nevertheless a lot of people all over the world still like reading books. Due to the fact that book reading is quite a simple process it seems that nothing new can be invented in this domain. However, it is not exactly so.

Japanese designer Sakura Adachi suggested combining of bookcase and reading space. His invention represents quite a comfortable place for reading that is located right inside of the bookcase. This place is designed in the form of a chair that is made of a kind of soft material in order to ensure comfort. The fact that this gadget is integrated into the bookcase and, as a consequence, does not occupy any space at all that can be considered as a significant advantage. Moreover, it looks great and probably will not spoil your interior.

Thus, it seems that both adults and children will consider reading in this "cave" as an absorbing pastime. Yet, taking into consideration that a lot of people have computers and laptops it is hard to say something about the demand for this gadget. So, it is quite probable that some of them, having the opportunity to read ebooks, will find no sense to buy this useless, according to their opinion, "cave".

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