Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Soft And Cosy The New Laptop Log Pillow Cooling Pad

The new laptop Log pillow cooling pad gives you a soft and cosy feeling. A unique concept of combining many small and long pillows is put into practice. It’s for all laptop extremist who want to keep their laptop safe and neat. With this laptop cooling pad you can work with your laptop anywhere you wish. You can also get many similar designs with buttons and other terrapins.

This laptop log is made up of six fabric tubes which are crossed one upon other with snaps and given a definite look. This tubes or logs are made up of mixtures of cotton, Lycra, buckwheat hulls and hemp canvas. It serves as a cooling pad because you will get perfect ventilation for your laptop and thus it will prevent the heat generation at the bottom and thus will cool your lappy. You can fold these logs for your travels; they are light weight and durable. So get this laptop logs and move out anywhere

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