Sunday, January 31, 2010

Book lover's cave

Nowadays the significance of book reading slightly decreased because there is a great amount of different sources of information. Nevertheless a lot of people all over the world still like reading books. Due to the fact that book reading is quite a simple process it seems that nothing new can be invented in this domain. However, it is not exactly so.

Japanese designer Sakura Adachi suggested combining of bookcase and reading space. His invention represents quite a comfortable place for reading that is located right inside of the bookcase. This place is designed in the form of a chair that is made of a kind of soft material in order to ensure comfort. The fact that this gadget is integrated into the bookcase and, as a consequence, does not occupy any space at all that can be considered as a significant advantage. Moreover, it looks great and probably will not spoil your interior.

Thus, it seems that both adults and children will consider reading in this "cave" as an absorbing pastime. Yet, taking into consideration that a lot of people have computers and laptops it is hard to say something about the demand for this gadget. So, it is quite probable that some of them, having the opportunity to read ebooks, will find no sense to buy this useless, according to their opinion, "cave".

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Wi-Fi Direct to Connect Gadgets Without Routers

Coming mid-2010 there will be a new Wi-Fi standard that will allow any Wi-Fi gadget to connect wirelessly with each other without having to go through a wireless router. The best thing: It will only require a software update.

The new standard is called Wi-Fi Direct and—unlike Bluetooth—the technology will enjoy exactly the same speed and range as Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi Alliance—which includes Intel, Microsoft, and Apple—says that it will automatically detect and hitch any device equipped with Wi-Fi within a 300 range, from computers to cameras to TVs to printers to anything in between. All peer-to-peer.

The Wi-Fi Alliance and everyone else—including myself—are pretty excited about this. And since it will only require a downloadable software patch, you can expect the technology to become ubiquitous pretty fast.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The unique Bigger & Brighter USB Flex Neck Laptop Light is a must in your collection. Now, you can type by the light of your clip-on laptop lamp that goes where you go. When not in use it easily packs up into your laptop bag or pocket. The USB Flex Neck Laptop Light features a versatile, flexible neck that can be angled to your choosing. The two bright LEDs illuminate your workspace without disturbing others in the room

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Soft And Cosy The New Laptop Log Pillow Cooling Pad

The new laptop Log pillow cooling pad gives you a soft and cosy feeling. A unique concept of combining many small and long pillows is put into practice. It’s for all laptop extremist who want to keep their laptop safe and neat. With this laptop cooling pad you can work with your laptop anywhere you wish. You can also get many similar designs with buttons and other terrapins.

This laptop log is made up of six fabric tubes which are crossed one upon other with snaps and given a definite look. This tubes or logs are made up of mixtures of cotton, Lycra, buckwheat hulls and hemp canvas. It serves as a cooling pad because you will get perfect ventilation for your laptop and thus it will prevent the heat generation at the bottom and thus will cool your lappy. You can fold these logs for your travels; they are light weight and durable. So get this laptop logs and move out anywhere

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Buy laptop online

There are so many websites dedicated to information about laptops, but not all of them are quality, where you can buy laptops online and read latest laptop reviews. Welcome to our website! Our website contains unique articles about the best and new laptops online. Buy lap top now!

"How to buy the laptop computers" is asked almost every day. There are only few people who know the answer to this question. A lot of things are bought online, nowadays. According to the statistics the phrases like "buy laptop computers" and "buy laptop online" are usually typed in any Internet browser by those people who buy things online. There are many website in the Internet that sell laptop online, however not all of them offer the advantageous price-quality relationship. Many users just choose from laptop functional table a bigger one, with an optimal price. Even if you are confused about what laptop computers to choose it is not recommended to rely on the selection by the laptops parameters. It is absolutely not a good idea to start choosing in this way, because it is easy to confuse in laptop computer tables and in the end you will not find the desirable laptop computer.

Let's imagine that you have chosen, bought and brought laptop computer, but after some time you have found out that its keyboard is not user-friendly at all and in general, you have to use it for another 2 years before buying a new laptop computer. Not everyone manages to notice the difference in redundant 16 MB of graphics card's memory or in 2000 MHz in processor's speed.

What do you pay attention to when you are choosing the laptop computers that suit you? Without a doubt you pay attention to laptops weight, its dimensions and the battery life. It is important to choose the model of the laptop computers that could provide an opportunity to use the laptop in different conditions, for example in bright illumination. Other important factors are keyboard laptop conveniences and devices for user-friendly cursor management (as a rule it is touchpad). It is very important to understand that every single detail plays an important role when you are choosing a laptop, pay special attention to headphone slots, infrared, feed, and optical drives. Note, a signal informing about the laptops' computer state is very important and it should be show laptops state even if it is placed under the closed lid of laptop computer.

Also, there are a number of important parameters that influence on the function in the latest laptop computers work, for example cooling device. It is a big problem when a computer becomes hot during its work, and can you guess about situation of narrow inside of laptop computers! So, as you might guess, it is very important to pay special attention to laptop cooling system. If a laptop computer lies on your knees during you work, then you have to pay special attention where the ventilation hole is situated. It should be situated properly. Cooling system can cause very irritating noise, in order to avoid this irritating noise, you should choose laptop computer that is as low as possible.

There is also one thing that users have to keep in mind, sometimes there is a problem to add new functions to chosen latest laptop computers, so try to choose the laptop with large number of built-in devices. Such details like sound card, net card and fax-modem should be present in a chosen laptop.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

USB Wireless Finger Mouse is a mouse that will never occupy any space on your desk because it fits on your finger while you are working or surfing on the internet.

It is strapped to the index finger and the mouse button is operated with the thumb and it can work on any surface.

Technical Details:

- Multi-tasking function
- Size: 60 x 40 x 38mm (Mouse)
- Size: 72 x 17 x 8mm (USB Receiver)
- Weight: 25g (mouse);10g (USB Receiver)
- Resolution: 1000DPI
- Radio frequency: 2.4GHz
- Working distance: 15 meters
- Built-in lithium-ion battery
- Charging time: 2 hours
- Continue using time: 14 hours

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Video watch

Stainless Steel Video Watch has 8GB of internal flash memory and a full color 1.8″ screen.It is one of the latest gadgets available on the market.

This watch has a built-in voice recorder, a built-in high quality speaker and a earphone jack, the ability to view JPEG pictures and listen to music at the same time, and much more.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

EW801 digital voice recorder pen

This pen could be used:
1. As a normal ballpoint pen to write
2. As a mp3 player to store and play your favorite songs
3. As a recorder to record meeting, conversations and lectures. (recordings can be listened to directly from the pen or uploaded to your computer for playback)
4. As a flash drive to transport all your important files with you
5. To take verbal notes while you are working
6. Very small, light-weight, is suitable to reside in your shirt pocket.
7. To secretly record conversations with persons whom you engage in conversation

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

latest sony vaio nw series

Sony, aside from their PlayStations and LCD TVs, have also been known to have release a series of computer products, which is similar to that of RedFox Electronics. One of which is the popular VAIO latest notebook.

Sony has just trotted out the Vaio NW, their new line of Blu-ray equipped, standard on all NW notebooks, Blu-ray Disc playback8 lets you view Hollywood's best wherever you go. Enjoy vivid, lifelike color and high-definition detail that makes movies truly come alive, mid-market notebooks, and at 1.2-inches, they are quite slim too.

The NW features a 15.5-inch widescreen display (albeit 1366x768), along with a HDMI output connector for plugging it into a TV, so you can enjoy the full 1080p goodness of your Blu-ray discs. There is also a "display off" button, which does exactly what you would expect, ideal if you have got this plugged into a big screen in a darkened room.

Specs include an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB RAM, up to 400GB hard drive and an optional dedicated ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 graphics card to improve your movie watching. Slot-wise there are three USB ports, ExpressCard, SD and Memory Stick PRO.

With inviting textures and calming colors, the NW truly appeals to the senses. Its fabric-like exterior beckons your touch while the interior's natural wave design is easy on the eyes. And when it's time to hit the road, the slim profile and travel-ready 15.5" size3 is easy to handle. Even the keyboard aims to please with isolated keys that promote maximum comfort and minimal errors.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rhino! rawr! :D

It’s been a while since we reviewed the Dymo LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo, with its awesome ability to print labels without any ink. I would have to say that the Dymo Rhino 101 is probably its poor cousin.

Of course, there really isn’t anything technical with the Rhino 101, really. It doesn’t have a keyboard, or anything to type out individual letters. In fact, it really is just a glorified roll of white tape.

Because of this, my source really bad-mouthed this product, going so far to deem it unnecessary. I would agree that you could probably do the same thing with some white tape and a Sharpie, but the Rhino 101 gives you something that you need for that: a flat surface.

That’s right, if you just had white tape and a Sharpie marker, than you would have to tear the tape, stick the tape, and hope that whatever you stuck it on would be flat enough for you to write on it. The Rhino 101 provides that flat surface, so you can just write what you want in the space provided, tear off, and stick it to anything, even carpet.

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Drumset :D

You don’t need to wait for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas to give gifts to a loved one, and kids of all ages definitely love presents without any occassion! The Discovery Drumset might be your next purchase in line, as it will help hone your little one’s hand-eye co-ordination since one needs to follow the lights to play a song, but the more musically inclined will be able to create their own tunes with the ability to choose from eight drum rhythms. Powered by a quartet of AA batteries.


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Friday, January 1, 2010


The Spillarium is a hybrid home ornament that spills water but not your precious live fish within – making it more than a half-decent home decorative fixture that will definitely have guests over puzzle it out, thanks to the wonders of optical illusion.

Water cascades from the side of the bowl – creating the illusion of an aquarium that’s perilously losing water – into the koi goldfish base, and back into the aquarium. A filter at the spout prevents daredevil fish from plunging over the falls. An integrated pump continuously cycles water through a sponge and charcoal filtration system and helps maintain the proper water level inside the aquarium. LED lights in the base cast a warm, colorful glow throughout the bowl. The five-gallon aquarium accommodates up to five fish. Includes artificial fish and plants, a fish net, cleaning brush, and fish food. Plugs into AC.

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